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In Store Parties

Our parties are a fun, sexy, interactive, and informative evening of products displays and demonstrations provided in the comfort of our beautiful 30 Portland St location.

You get the group of ladies together.

We provide all the naughty and nice goodies for an evening guaranteed to make you the 'Hostess with the Mostess'.

Each party's merchandise is custom tailored to what you and your guests want to see.  You get to pick the theme and the products for your party (naughty, nice, a little bit of both!)

There is no charge, no minimum purchase requirement, and booking fees.  We enjoy a sexy party just as much as the next woman, so we do them just for fun.

As a hostess you will always get a great gift. Our current promo is ~ recieve 10% of your party's total sales after it reaches $500 before tax.

Booking an Indulgence In Store Party

First off, how much does it cost to have an Indulgence Party?

Nothing! They are absolutely free. We enjoy doing them just as much as you'll enjoy having it, so there is never any charge.

We ask that you book your home party a minimum of 3 weeks in advance. We also ask for a minimum of 6 guests, and maximum of 20. We want your party to be as fun as possible and find you and your guests will have the best time if the numbers fall within this range.

We try to make it as convenient as possible to book. You can do any of the following and representative will contact you shortly.

  • Get in touch with us on Facebook and send us a message at www.facebook.com/indulgencedartmouth
  • Call us at 902-407-4214 to speak to someone right away.
  • Email us at indulgence@ns.sympatico.ca or use the Contact Us tab at the top of our page.
  • Stop by the store at 30 Portland St and chat with us in person.

How an Indulgence In Store Party Works

 When our representative contacts you about your booking inquiry, she will go over what to expect that evening in full detail. Below is a quick summary on how your evening will likely unfold.

It's great if your group can show up about 15 minutes before your party starts. This gives eveyone time to check out our goodies and let us get to know some of the ladies before the festivities begin. So if your party starts at 7pm, you should try to arrive at 6.45 pm.  It is very important to start your party on time, especially during the winter months when road conditions can make some people nervous.

You and your guests are welcome to bring cold snacks (fruit trays, sweets, cheeses, etc.) and their own alcohol for the evening.  We will provide wine glasses, cork screws, serving trays, napkins, seating, and music.

Once everyone is settled in, we'll kick off the party.  We typically take a break or two during the party for people to ask questions, get drink refills, or pop outside for a smoke break.  A standard party will follow the outline below:

Squeaky Clean - We'll take a look, a sniff, and a rub-a-dub at some amazing and super fun bath & body products.

Slippery Stuff - We've all heard the old cliche 'everything's better when wet'....Well it's true! Meet our all natural organic brands of lubricants, massage oils, and tingle creams that are always slippery, never sticky or tacky.

Kinky Couples - Think blindfolds, bondage tape, vibrating panties. This section always gets the giggles and is a great lead up to...

Toys! Toys! Toys! It's what we're all here for right? You'll see more vibrators than you can shake a stick at in this section. From the much loved rabbit to vibes that hook up to your iPod and buzz to the beat. We bring vibes for the novice and the connoisseur, so you can rest assured that your guests will be very umm satisfied with the selection.

Shopping Time -  Hopefully, after such a fun evening you and your guests would like to make a couple of purchases. We are very discreet when processing purchases and even have an extra cash area set up in the privacy of our office.  Most of the time everyone is going to blab about what they got anyways but it's nice to be able to offer care & instructions as well as answer additional questions behind a closed door. After all, what happens at an Indulgence Party stays there.

Clean Up - Whew, after a night like that everyone is pretty excited to get home and test out the goods. But our night isn't over yet. Our reps will quickly tidy up and help you pack up any serving trays & left overs. We'll also thank everyone for coming and invite them to come back and visit us anytime. Then it's up to you to have your own sexy time. Good thing we always send you home with batteries!

*Please Note*

Indulgence In Store Parties are all about kicking back, relaxing, and having fun with friends. While we take breaks between each section for pee parades and drink refills, we also encourage everyone to feel free to get up and do any of the necessaries during the presentations. We never want anyone squirming uncomfortably because they are being polite. Though squirming uncomfortably because of the naughty goodies is totally acceptable!

Promotional give-aways, such as gift cards, can not be used toward We Vibe or Fun Factory products due contractual obligations.

If you are interested in hosting a party, or would like chat more about hosting one, please fill out the form below and a rep will contact you very shortly.

*Please note, for large groups, a refundable damage deposit may be requested.