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Get the Best Valentines Day EVER!

Posted by Shannon Marshall on

Ahhh February 14.  Love it?  Hate it?  Take it or leave it?

St. Valentines Day has certainly been commercialized to death with hearts, cupids, and cute little stuffed teddy bears. Women wait for those special deliveries of a dozen roses and men complain about the price of said roses.

Not surprisingly, Valentines Day is one of our favorite days of the year.  Now before you role your eyes and think 'of coarse, you're a sex/lingerie shop', hear us out.  

First of all, we like to think of it as REALLY GOOD SEX DAY and we'll happily take multiple orgasms any day over a dozen roses.  Though in a perfect world, we'd like both.  In the same day.  Throw a bubble bath and a bottle of wine in the mix and for a woman, that's a pretty darn good day.  Chances are, we're gonna return the favor for those multiple orgasms too!  See, us women have really long memories, we're like elephants and we never forget.  Not the good stuff anyway.  Will we forget a dinner out?  Maybe.  A trip to the movies....yep.  A night you literally rocked our world in the bedroom?  Nope, that's definitely one we'll remember.  And one we'll want to repeat.

So change up your game plan for Valentines Day, change the way you think about Feb 14 entirely.  Try our approach! Think of it as REALLY GOOD SEX DAY.  And that's a hell of a thing to celebrate.

Yeah, we know, we couples should do this all the time.  We shouldn't need a day to tell us to love our lovers, right?  Sure, in a perfect world, couples would do this on the regular.  But lets face it, life's busy.  The honeymoon phase of doing it like rabbits is over, and while your sex life is good, why shy away from a great reason to break out the big guns in the bedroom?

So here's our take on an incredible Valentine's Day or a recipe for Really good sex, because really, any day is a great day for amazing sex.

First off, plan to stay in.  It's hard to feel amorous if you've just put yourselves into a food coma by going out for a huge meal.  I once made the mistake of going to the Keg on Valentines Day.....so trust me, I'm speaking from experience.  If you do want to get dressed up and go out with your honey, order a few different appetizers and share them instead of having a whole meal. 

Take that same approach for a night in.  Don't spend hours in the kitchen making an extravagant meal.  Go more for grazing foods.  Something you can put on a big platter and share with each other.  Grapes, strawberries, cheese, deli meats, cold chicken, spinach dip, and soft bread are perfect.  Not only are these foods decadent, they pair perfectly with wine and they leave the door wide open for some sexy food play.  Nibbling strawberries off your lover is much tastier than eating them off a plate.  A noteworthy mention for folks that hate spending time in the kitchen - you can order a custom pre-made platter from any grocery store, Costco, or Walmart.  Just call the deli and tell them what you want in it.

Set the Stage

Pick a place in your home, where all the magic is going to happen.  If you have the whole place to yourselves, take it out of the bedroom.  You'd be amazed what a change of scenery can do for upping the sexy ante.  Wherever you choose to get down to business, take a bit of prep time earlier in the day to set the stage for great sex.  The simplest way is to quickly sex up a room is to take all the senses into account.  You want to stimulate all of them to the max.


Make sure the space is tidy, first and foremost.  A woman can have a hard time focusing on the good stuff if she's distracted by a giant pile of laundry.  Go for some soft lighting.  Candles work great and will tackle the next sense, smell, but you can also raid the scarf collection and throw them over the lamps to diffuse the light to something soft and warm. 

Extra points for scattered rose petals on the floor.  You can pick up a bag at any florist for a few dollars.  Don't put them on the bed though.  They will stain!

While it's really important to stimulate the sight, it can be even better to take it away.  Grab a Black Satin Blind Fold, a scarf or neck tie to tie around your lovers eyes.  It will make the rest of their senses work even better.


There's a ton of options for this one.  You know what scents your partner likes.  Our favorite option is a scented massage candle, particularly something warm and fragrant like Kama Sutra's Sandalwood & Vanilla.   You want the room to smell great, but not over powering.  And don't forget, the best smelling thing should be you!  Use that cologne or perfume that your partner loves and surprise them by putting it on places other than your neck!  Fresh smelling sheets and pillows are also a must.


In the world of Spotify, Songza, and Google Play, it's never been easier to find incredible sexy playlists to suit any mood and taste.  Just type in what your looking for and enjoy!  Turn your phone or tablet onto airplane mode.  Nothing ruins the mood more than incoming calls, texts, and emails.  Try to eliminate as much background noise as you can so you can both focus on all the other amazing sensations.


This is one you can really have some fun with!  Make sure the room is warm.  Throw down some soft, plush blankets or throws, extra pillows are a great idea as well.  Look around your home for things with different textures.  Feathers are one of our favorites, heated massage oils, ice cubes, sexy vibrators, tingly gels and anything else you can think of.  If you did pick up some flower petals, they can serve double duty by trailing them over your lovers' skin.  Pick up some sexy hand cuffs or bondage tape to go with that blind fold and tempt and tease your lover.


Think rich flavors.  Chocolate, strawberries, wine.  We love Kama Sutra's Milk Chocolate Body Paint.  Drizzle it on, nibble it off.  Dip strawberries in it, feed them to each other.  Share sips of wine, dip your finger into the glass and make a wine trail on your lovers' body.  Maybe try an edible massage oil, like Earthly Body's Edible Massage Trio.  Rub this rich oil into your lovers' skin and enjoy the heady flavors of Vanilla, Strawberries, or Watermelon.

Take Your Time

This is an evening to tempt and tease your partner.  Take an hour or two to pay homage to each others body and build the excitement to fever pitch.  Play with textures, tastes, and different sensations and draw out the foreplay and fun until you both can't take it anymore, it will make the main event explosive!

Clean Up

We certainly hope, by the end of all that you will both be hot sweaty messes.  Finish up an incredible night together with a steamy relaxing bubble bath, or a hot sudsy shower.  Wash each other down with a great smelling body wash and maybe go for round two in the shower!  We always recommend a great water proof lube like Sliquid Silver for any water play.  It will keep things nice and slippery!

So there it is!  Our favorite way to spend Feb 14.  Now you can see why we like it so much!  Have fun with some of these ideas and plan the day/night together with each of you taking on some of the roles.  Or mix and match with other fun sexy activities.  Sexy board games and jaw dropping lingerie are always a great option and there's something to be said about watching a steamy sexy movie on Netflix.  Whatever you choose to do, we hope you get to enjoy Valentines Day as much as we will.

If you want even more great ideas for Valentines Day, check out our Valentines Ideas board on Pinterest!

Here are our top 5 Must Haves for a Sexy Valentines Day

Black Satin Blindfold

Set of Black Handcuffs

Scented Massage Candle

Teasing Feather

Milk Chocolate Body Paint

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