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Staff Picks - The Womanizer Clitoral Stimulator

Posted by Shannon Marshall on

The Womanizer Clitoral Stimulator Review

The Womanizer may of just given me the best orgasm of my life.  The French call it 'La petit mort' meaning the little death, and after using the Womanizer, I do feel like I've died and caught a little glimpse of heaven.  

Let's face it, not all orgasms are created equally.  Some are toe curling, some are earth shattering, some are good, and some are so-so. Now don't get me wrong, any orgasm is better than no orgasm, but after selling sex toys for the last seven years and living my own personal mantra of 'an orgasm a day keeps low sex drives away', I've come across some good toys, some great toys, and a few toys I'd try to run back and save if my house caught on fire.  Honestly, this toy tops them all.  I'm tempted to carry The Womanizer around in my purse with me just in case I get an opportunity throughout the day to have a little me time. I recently looked my husband straight in the eyes and told him to take the bloody thing to work with him or hide it so I can get a break from it.  The Womanizer gives an earth shattering, next level orgasm unlike anything else I've ever experienced.   Oh, and the icing on the cake?  You are not hyper-sensitive after a Womanizer orgasm.  That's means you can keep using it for multiple O's.  The shape of this toy is compact enough to use with a partner and gives new meaning to old favorite sex positions.  

Why does this magical toy work so incredibly well?   It uses a small silicone cap that fits around the clitoris.  When the the Womanizer is turned on a seal is formed around the clit and there is a small gentle amount of suction and flutters of compression that stimulate you in record time.  

The Womanizer Clitoral Stimulator

The keys to the Womanizer are:

a) avoids direct clitoral contact (thus avoiding over stimulation)

b) the slight steady amount of suction pulls blood straight to the clitoris, creating almost instant arousal 

c) by using compression as opposed to vibration, it avoids any numbing sensations sometimes felt with direct contact to the clitoris

Like most great quality toys, the Womanizer is rechargeable with a two year replacement warranty.  She comes with a handy little storage case (though who would ever want to put this toy away?!) a USB charging cord and adapter and an extra silicone cap.  Easy to clean and care for, quiet and well made, this top of the line toy should be on every woman's night stand.