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Spring Fever Sale!

Posted by Shannon Marshall on

The first sign of spring is upon us and this teaser of warm weather and longer daylight has the Indulgence staff spring cleaning and feeling frisky!  You know what spring cleaning means?  An in-store SPRING SALE!  We have some great lingerie in regular and plus sizes on super sale (starting at $5 and up).  These pretty outfits want a good home, c'mon by and give them one.  

What's on sale?

  • Sexy bedroom costumes
  • Corsets
  • Babydolls
  • Nighties

What sizes are on sale? 

  • SMALL - 4X


Get the Best Valentines Day EVER!

Ahhh February 14.  Love it?  Hate it?  Take it or leave it?St. Valentines Day has certainly been commercialized to death with hearts, cupids, and cute little stuffed teddy bears. Women wait for those special deliveries of a dozen roses and men complain about the price of said roses.Not surprisingly, Valentines Day is one of our [...]

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The Halifax Everything To Do With Sex Show Jan 27 - 29 2017

We are counting down the days to the upcoming Everything to do With Sex Show!  The Halifax show is coming up the last weekend of January and it's one of our favorite ways to beat the winter blues!  This action packed event has a little something for everyone and makes for a great night out. [...]

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NYE Ideas for Couples

It's December 31 and the count down is on.  Everyone looks for their special someone and at the stroke of midnight we all pucker up for that special NYE kiss.  Ever wonder where that tradition came from, or why it's such an important moment for couples?  NYE is ripe with superstitions and that midnight kiss [...]

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Why We Ditched Our 'PLUS SIZE' Category

Yup.  We did it.  There is no longer a segregated section for plus size lingerie.  This may not seem like a big deal to some, but to me it is.  It's always been something that bothers me.  This segregation of size.  It's kind of silly.  Everyone says size is just a number, but yet a [...]

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Personal Lubricants 101 - How to Pick a Great Personal Lubricant

We all know the cliche that everything's better when wet ~ a good customer once put it perfectly, 'tell a man to go down a water slide without water, and he'll understand why foreplay is important!' Well said my friend. Well said. Unfortunately sometimes even oodles of foreplay won't get [...]

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Staff Picks - The Womanizer Clitoral Stimulator

The Womanizer may of just given me the best orgasm of my life.  The French call it 'La petit mort' meaning the little death, and after using the Womanizer, I do feel like I've died and caught a little glimpse of heaven.   Let's face it, not all orgasms are created equally.  Some are toe curling, some are [...]

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Corsets 101 How To Wear & Care For it

Tracing back as far as the 18th century, women have had a love/hate relationship with corsets for over 400 years. And while the purpose of wearing a corset has changed from practical to erotic, we can’t help but wish we still had a lady’s maid to help us put our new corset on.While women wear corsets for a [...]

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Earth Friendly Brands - Earthly Body Natural Body Care

Did you know that April is Earth Month?  We have some great brands at Indulgence that live, love and breath being good to the earth and to you!  One of our favorite product lines is Earthly Body.  Just the name sounds good, doesn't it?  This amazing company doesn't only rely on a flashy label to make [...]

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Why You Should Be Doing Kegel Exercises!

Possibly our favorite topic of all time.  Kegel exercises are the Number 1 thing all women should be doing on a regular basis.  It doesn't matter if you're 18 or 80, have had kids or haven't, kegel exercises are crucial to your pelvic health and have huge benefits on your sexual health too!Today we’re going [...]

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